Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans invites Couples

Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans invites Couples

With modern design and a spirit of celebration, Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans helps guests plan the nuptials of their dreams, elevating Southern wedding traditions such as a second line complete with jazz band and custom parasols. Couples will discover a level of service never-before seen in New Orleans with an attitude that is warm and gracious, but also lively and fun. Allow the Hotel's talented team of wedding experts to deliver an unforgettable, personalized celebration.

"New Orleans is a city known for celebrations, and that certainly rings true at our new Hotel," said Mali Carow, general manager of Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans. "Whether for welcome cocktails at our Garden, second lines on the front drive, or any of the special moments in between, we specialize in delivering exceptionally memorable events."

Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans offers unmatched venues for the special day: indoors and outdoors, street-level and high above skyline. Couples can choose from an array of dynamic wedding venues to perfectly match their vision. At Vue Orleans' 34th floor observation deck, guests have access to the city's only panoramic views of downtown and the Mississippi River, perfect for a high in the sky welcome reception. On the ground level, the Hotel's Garden provides a lush, green space ideal for a ceremony for up to 200 guests or a post-wedding al fresco brunch.

The true showstoppers are the Hotel's ballrooms with chic, modern designs that easily transform and can accommodate up to 500 guests. Both ballrooms feature unobstructed views, sleek lines, and neutral tones, allowing for an elegant canvas to design a variety of reception styles. River Ballroom, true to its name, features floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping views of the Mississippi River. Celebrants in Plimsoll Ballroom have access to a pre-function space with beautiful built-in marble bars, overhead star-lighting, and wrap-around access to a historic, open-air terrace. The Hotel offers a vibrant backdrop and best-in-class service to bring any dream celebration to life.

At Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans, there are endless possibilities when it comes to celebration styles and refined service.

"Create the New Orleans wedding of your dreams. With modern design and a spirit of celebration, Four Seasons elevates all the local traditions, including the culmination of your party with a classic second line. Discover a level of service never before seen in New Orleans – with an attitude that is warm and gracious, but also fun and spontaneous. Our landmark tower is the perfect place to begin your new life together."

Choosing a Stylish Wedding Gown

Choosing a Stylish Wedding Gown

When young girls imagine their perfect wedding, they usually don't only think about wedding gifts and centrepieces; they only think about their dress. Even when a bride hasn't given wedding preparations a second thought till a ring is placed on her finger, going out to find the perfect gown is among the first things on her to-do list. However, before you go deep in the search for gowns, consider the below advice and tips.

Have a budget : Set a budget before you go out, just as you would for any other element of your wedding. Equally crucial is being honest with the bridal consultant about your budget. A bride should be honest and straightforward about her budget and should ensure a retailer doesn't recommend any dress that exceeds the budgeted amount. You may also bring a few guests to help out; consider that a bride may need opinions from different parties. She may therefore have her mother, sister, closest friend, or in some rare cases, a brother accompany her while picking a dress. However, at some point, it is advisable to trim the list so that your own perspective does not get overpowered by other opinions.

Also, reflect on your style; do this before going to the bridal salon. A bride should take a quick look through her clothes. A bride can look through her closet and put on one of her favourite clothes. This can also assist her bridal stylist in understanding more about her style. If you have a lot of solid stuff in your closet, go for a dress with a simple, clean design. If you prefer a bold design, consider a bridal gown with off-white lace and a nude underlay.

Further, take the venue into account: It's essential to determine if you want to get married indoors or outdoors. However, there's a lot more to it, with varying requirements, especially in the case of a religious wedding.

Most Southern churches are now understanding and accommodating, but some religious Catholic or Baptist churches still demand a bride to cover her shoulders. If the bride's dream gown does not allow for this, she can try on a bolero or a bodysuit that can be removed after the ceremony. Have a "yes" mindset: Most brides go into their appointments assuming they might be merely browsing or that they will not find the perfect gown. However, a bride should go shopping with the mindset that the next dress she tries on may be the one. A bride should be mentally prepared to find her gown when arranging a visit.

Make sure you can breathe: It is the bridegroom's job to take the bride's breath away, not her outfit. Consider whether you can breathe when trying on your gown. Brides have fainted in certain circumstances because they couldn't take a full breath. Add to that the fact that the only option for brides to use the washroom is to remove their attire completely. As a result, a bride should ensure that she can still operate as a normal human being. There's a difference between comfort and beauty. Think about your appearance in photos. It is recommended that brides take photographs when trying on gowns. You can walk about, spin around, sit, and sway. You should have someone take images and films throughout the occasion. A photograph never lies and is a good approach for determining whether or not an outfit is appropriate. Moving around in the gown is a wonderful way to determine whether it is comfortable and simple to move in.

Think about how the fabric will wear out: It's the outfit of a lifetime, but there are several factors to consider before fully committing to the dress, such as whether it will expose sweat stains. Sweating in a wedding gown isn't romantic at all. If you're having an outdoor ceremony and the weather gets hot, the last thing you want is to have sweat stains in your forever photos. Another element to consider when creating a garment is how easily it wrinkles.

Get it in writing: Before putting down a deposit which is usually 50 percent, go over the paperwork with your bridal consultant. Ask when the gown will be ready, how much the alterations will cost if it can be shipped out of state or country, the cancellation policy, and what your alternatives are if the gown is damaged or does not come with the specified modifications. Finally, double-check the name of the maker, style number, size, and colour.

SO.TY luxe fashion launched in Los Angeles

SO.TY luxe fashion launched in Los Angeles

SO.TY, a neo luxe sustainable circular fashion brand, launched this month in Los Angeles as part of Sovereignty Company, a social enterprise and not-for-profit set to realize a diverse, inclusive, equitable, prosperous, and circular fashion society for BIPOC communities. SO.TY is led by sought-after fashion designer Charles Harbison who has dressed notable celebrities like Beyonce, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Ava Duvernay. The brand seeks to define neo luxe as a movement that combines eco responsibility, gender affirmation, size inclusivity, and race and class equity to infuse thoughtfulness into the business of luxury goods.

Motivated by his own experience as a millennial designer trying to break through in fashion as well as questioning fast fashion's focus on rapidly changing trends and styles, Harbison teamed up to create SO.TY with Corneil Montgomery of Sovereignty Company, a first-of-its-kind circular social enterprise and not-for-profit that recently launched in Los Angeles. SO.TY focuses on sustainability and inclusiveness and features an innovative line of eco-friendly clothing that incorporates clean, unique design elements made from reusable materials. The neo luxe fashion brand will donate four percent of the proceeds to Sovereignty Company to help fund the Fashion CEOs Accelerator, which provides resources to fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs to design and launch their own sustainable and circular business models.

"Sovereignty is honored to partner with Charles and the SO.TY brand to bring designers of color into the spotlight and help elevate the stories that deserve to be represented and heard," says Neil Montgomery, founder and chief executive officer of Sovereignty Fashion CEOs Accelerator. "Our mission, vision and purpose align perfectly to create an even stronger impact."

The SO.TY team and their shared values and distinct perspectives distinguish the business from other neo luxury brands. "The SO.TY team represents what we believe neo luxe stands for and where we want to take it," says Charles Harbison, chief fashion director for SO.TY. "Every team member adds a perspective that is important to our mission. We have women, people of Color, black people of color, and people raised poor working with us to reach our goals. They define the thought leadership that in turn defines our work."

The line represents identities that frequently go ignored or underrepresented, and Harbison wants to raise those identities into the spotlight through design, fair business practices, and fair wages. Both his designs and his ethos are heavily influenced by his upbringing.

As a working-class son of working class women in North Carolina, Harbison has stories to tell and convey about witnessing strength, choice and self-defined elegance. In September 2021 he wrote about his influences and inspirations for The Atlantic in Always the Gold Sandal, and the stories live on through his SO.TY designs.

The clothing can be thought of as a feminist take on menswear or gender-neutral clothing that women can choose to opt into. It is feminine influenced and queer affirming. Through his optimistic and colorful designs, Harbison references the unapologetic dignity and elegance that was modeled by his mother and grandmother. The fashion line includes pieces like a bomber jacket reimagined in fuchsia pink and basketball shorts and tanks adorned with sequins playing off the irony of taking things that are defined as masculine and hard and rendering them playful and soft.

Staying true to the commitment to sustainability and circularity, the pieces will be constructed using recycled polyester, organic cotton, low water use fiber, recycled polyester fill and will be manufactured locally in Los Angeles. SO.TY will focus on sourcing surplus, dead stock and vintage fabrics.

SO.TY will become available in wholesale markets in June and July and will launch an e-commerce site later this year.

Safe Pedicure Tips for Young Women

Safe Pedicure Tips for Young Women

Having beautiful nails isn't just by chance; it results from proper nail care. Here is the best manicure and pedicure advice from well-qualified, seasoned dermatologists:

Check the setup: Check that your soaking tub is coated with a fresh plastic barrier; have someone disinfect it before allowing them to fill it with water. Also, keep in mind that your tools are coming out of a disposable plastic pack, indicating that they have been sanitized before use. By all means, debris and cracks should be avoided in your tub. Next, communicate: You're about to meet your nail technician here; ensure you share what you want before they begin- that's how to guarantee a safe pedicure. Before they start working, make sure you're both on the same page regarding the items required.

Don't shave before you go: You're looking out for your technician, but they've seen way worse situations. So, refrain from shaving; you may well become infected if you have fresh nicks. Remember, you're bathing in a tub with things that sloughs off your feet and legs. If you have a fresh cut and it's soaking in warm water, you are placing yourself at risk of letting bacteria get trapped in the area. Cuticles: The cuticles are the skin at the base. They're frequently clipped, cropped, and pulled back for cosmetic purposes. The cuticle serves as one of our primary defenses against germs. The sealant prevents germs and other bugs from entering the nail. Thus, your nail technician should not trim or push them back too far. Ask them to use a nipper for trimming, but don't cut them entirely away or force them back.

Sharp tools to dig under the nail: Debris usually finds its way beneath our fingernails and toes regardless of how clean or attentive we are. This can manifest as sock fuzz, toenail fungus, or other things. Don't allow your nail technician to stab you with a sharp steel tool under the nails. Instead, they should gently brush away the dirt beneath the nail using a dull instrument. If they use anything sharp and puncture your skin under the nail bed, you likely won't notice it until it's oozing with pus a week later. The critical word here is "gentle." Yes, pedicure shouldn't be aggressive in any way.

Skip the Cheese Grater: Do not allow the technician to use a razor or anything that resembles a "torture instrument" to remove callus from the bottom of your feet. If they get too deep, you're basically begging for an infection. The best options are a pumice stone or a large grit sandpaper board.

Toenails should ideally be short and straight across: Make sure your nail technician understands. There'll be no V's in the center, digging for ingrown toenails on either edge, deep rounding, or almond-shaped nails. Keep in mind that toenails are not the same as fingernails, and you wear shoes. You are more prone to fungus if your toenails are kept uncut for an extended period of time. Hence, you are more likely to get ingrown toenails if they are too deeply shaped.

BYOP (Bring Your Own) Polish: Traditional nail paints consist of several chemicals, including well-known carcinogens that have been linked to health problems in women. Some of these items include substances that are completely prohibited. As such, be mindful of what you apply to your nails since it is absorbed into your bloodstream via the nail plate. Look for a polish that is "5 free," if not "10 free." Also, dry between your toes: Toes are pushed into shoes and anyone with toes that are close together or pounded risks developing an infection or "toe jam" between the toes. Lace a piece of gauze or a washcloth between your toes to give them some breathing room while they dry.

Stop Hiding: Stop covering up thick, discoloured toes with nail polish, expecting them to disappear; you could be concealing a fungus or yeast. Since, your polish prevents your nails from breathing, it's critical to have such issues checked by a professional lest they worsen.

Undoubtedly, having beautiful toenails is every young lady's dream. But- to succeed- you have to have a plan in place. Ensure your nail technician really knows what they're doing. If necessary, instruct them on precisely what you want. Ultimately, you should be in charge of how your nails are managed and cared for.