Iconic Cristina Ferrare on Living Cookbook

Legible Inc., a global digital reading platform known for its innovative eBook and audiobook offerings, announces a unique collaboration with Cristina Ferrare, an iconic supermodel, acclaimed TV host, and New York Times bestselling author. Ferrare recently signed with Iconic Focus, a top New York modeling agency. The partnership introduces My Model Kitchen, a series of interactive "Living Cookbooks" that blend Ferrare’s culinary expertise with Legible’s cutting-edge digital technology.

My Model Kitchen is a culinary journey that combines Ferrare’s rich Italian heritage with her flair for modern cooking. The series starts with pasta, and will unfold into categories including appetizers, soups, salads, and more, reflecting traditional recipes from Cristina’s mother's native Liguria and her father's Neapolitan roots. Ferrare brings each dish to life with “troppo amore” (Italian for “too much love”), providing insights on selecting the right ingredients like authentic San Marzano tomatoes and high-quality semolina flour pasta.

Embedded with original video content, the Living Cookbooks will allow readers to virtually cook alongside Ferrare, creating an immersive experience that brings the essence of Italian cooking into homes worldwide. Available for purchase, and to Legible Unbound members on Legible’s platform, the series is designed to offer an engaging, personal connection with Ferrare as she shares her culinary secrets, family stories, and professional tips. Legible Unbound allows unlimited access to a vast curated catalogue of audiobooks and eBooks for $12.99 a month, and includes global productions and exclusive content - sign up at legible.com.

Kaleeg Hainsworth, CEO of Legible, expressed excitement about the collaboration. "Partnering with Cristina Ferrare, an inspirational personality celebrated in both the culinary and fashion worlds, is a proud moment for Legible. Our Living Cookbook series is set to expand digital culinary literature, offering an interactive cooking experience that will resonate with food lovers globally. Food is love made edible, and there is no one better than Cristina Ferrare to help bring both into the world."

Cristina Ferrare shares her enthusiasm for the project: "I am delighted to bring My Model Kitchen to life with Legible. This platform allows me to share the recipes I hold dear and the stories behind them in an innovative, interactive way. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect with my audience on a deeper level, inviting them into my kitchen and my world."

The first book in the My Model Kitchen series is scheduled for release in early this 2024, promising to be a staple for those passionate about Italian cuisine and interactive culinary experiences.