Styling hair is tricky

Styling hair is tricky

Styling hair like this is tricky enough, but before you get that far you should really follow a particular course of action. A large part of maintaining curly hair is down to how you go about washing it.   The easiest way to achieve this is to set yourself a list of steps. The first is straightforward. When you come out of a shower, resist the urge to rub your hair vigorously with a towel. Instead, what you really want to do is to dab it gently, in a ‘blotting' motion. This will allow the towel to absorb moisture, rather than you going for an impatient all-out-assault to get that hair dried! Energetic rubbing of wet hair will only cause damage and this will eventually lead to that nemesis of all curly haired individuals – frizzy hair!

Of course, if you're hair is on the coarse side, it will require more focused attention. What you want to look out for is a silicone sealant that you can apply to the length of your hair prior to styling, or using any products. As you introduce this sealant, you should avoid applying it to the hair nearest your scalp. The good news is that there are various options available on the shelves of both supermarkets and more highly-specialised salons.

For fine curly hair, a slightly different course of action is required. Rather than a sealant, you should employ a silicone spray, and apply the minimal amounts to the length of your hair. As before, you want to ensure this gets into you hair thoroughly, but avoid the hair growing nearest to your scalp.

Lightweight styling gels are available if you only require minimal hold. If you require a firmer, longer-lasting effect with your products, there are many styling liquids and cream gels on the market. If you are in any doubt about which products to invest in, simply ask the assistant at the counter who will be able to provide you with all the advice you require.

To consider is what to do as you hear begins to dry. Allowing this to occur naturally is by far the best option. Alternatively, if you are pressed for time, using a blow-dryer is perfectly acceptable, provided you have it set at low heat and blast, and use a diffuser attachment. Controlling the force of the blast that is being directed at your hair will allow your curls to better maintain their consistency. As you work through your hair, squeeze the curls gently, lifting it at the roots as you proceed. A good tip here is to apply a styling cream in the first instance.

Basic Summer Fashion

Basic Summer Fashion

Girls loath the transition that the seasons bring, especially when there is only a certain amount of space in their cupboards. If you have made a resolution this year to spend less money on clothes when summer comes around and keep to the very minimal basics, this article is definitely for you.

Basic item number 1 is no other than your thinnest, most comfortable pair of jeans. We know how unpredictable summer plans are and if there is an impromptu short road trip, your pair of jeans will save you from having the entire world watch perspiration roll down your legs when you need to be out the entire day.

Basic item number 2 is an assortment of plain t-shirts: it is always advisable to have the colors white, black, navy and one bright-colored shirt which suit you. Think bright hues of orange, green, pink, or yellow. You wouldn't have to worry if the pattern or print matches your bottoms and it makes dressing up, a quicker affair.

Basic item number 3 is a pair of shorts. It should not be too short that bending over draws unwanted attention and try keeping to khaki, denim, navy or white colors. In fact, lets indulge a little, since it is summer and have 2 pairs available in your drawers!

Another important item for any girls in summer, which we have not forgotten, is skirt. Keep one plain-colored skirt (preferably high waist) and a flower skirt or striped/patterned skirt. Remember, we are trying to keep the items in your cupboard to a minimal so 2 skirts are a good number.

Also, a maxi dress and a short dress should be hung out for those special days with a special someone or for trips to the beach. It is also ideal for a lazy day when wearing a one-piece outfit is all the energy you can muster. Again, keep to bright colors and summery patterns.

To complete the look, do not forget that one pair of flip-flop, tan or white-colored strappy sandals, black ballet flats and your accessories: sun glasses, scarves, necklaces, watches and bracelets. Now who say your cupboard can't hold all you need?

Eco-Friendly Clothes

Eco-Friendly Clothes

With the increasing concern for preserving the environment due to the onslaught of natural disasters, it is no surprise that clothing manufacturers are deciding to create an environmentally friendly selection of clothing for the population. Some might think that eco-friendly clothing constitutes of wearing more green-colored outfits but it is more than just the question of color. As we are prompted to make more informed purchases of items to save Mother Earth, how much do we actually know of eco-friendly clothing options?

Choosing eco-friendly clothing may seem to be simple: check the tag to determine what materials are used to create it and how does one care for it. Although the clothing material is a major factor, one should not forget about the source of these clothing. Is an organic cotton material, truly 100% cotton? How can we be sure that there is no synthetic mix in it? In addition, the method in which the manufacturer process its raw materials and how the waste is managed, should factor in one's decision. According to, a few terms such as ‘green', ‘eco' and ‘sustainable' creates a feel-good haze when one makes a purchase but it could also be a marketing ploy to which clothing manufacturers entice the unsuspecting buyer.

The website also provides a list of ten best environmental friendly brands mostly from the US – Study NY, Alabama Chanin, Feral Childe; and other countries such as Peru and Canada. Another brand that one can find online is Indigenous which commits to sustainability and fair trades. It may appear that one should research into a clothing brand to ensure an eco-friendly choice – if we put in similar efforts into decisions to purchase shoes, cars or houses, why not clothing brands too?

Get A Watch

Get A Watch

People from all walks of life wear one accessory in which, design and functionality is important. Even children of the ages 7 to 10 adorn this accessory despite not fully understanding its function. Eventually, the purpose of the watch develops in these young minds and the design, is equally as significant.

Many brands have flooded the watch market and buyers are spoilt for choice. Even sporting brands such as Adidas and Nike have a collection of watches and we aslo have phone watches from iWatch, Samsung Gear, or fitness trackers like fitbit. With these newer and trendier selections, older watch brands such as Rolex, OMEGA and TAG Heuer have to effectively entice the younger market without compromising quality at competitive rates.

When one buys a watch, does one expect it to last beyond 5 years? Perhaps it is the aesthetics that move people to purchase a timepiece and with a warranty of two years, it seems like a fair deal. However, consumers should think to invest in the long-term. How much more precious a timepiece would be 10 years in the future? Sentimentality towards an object may seem like a wrong reason to purchase an item yet, one does not throw out a sturdy piece of wooden furniture after a decade, right?

So if you have yet to splurge on yourself (lately), a watch should be an option on your shopping list!