The World's Best-Known Supermodels

The fashion world has seen its fair share of iconic models. From early 20th century, when models were mere mannequins, to today's age of Internet fame, the modelling world has evolved and changed drastically. Today's top models are not only talented and beautiful, but they also have star power and name recognition. From Cindy Crawford to Gigi Hadid, here are some of the world's best-known supermodels:

Cindy Crawford-Cindy Crawford is the OG of supermodels. After being discovered in a Chicago modelling competition, Cindy quickly rose to the top of the modelling world. She was featured on the cover of famous magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar; she has been an iconic face of fashion for decades. Cindy was also featured in advertising campaigns for major companies such as Pepsi and Revlon.

Then there is Gisele Bündchen: Gisele Bündchen is considered the highest-paid supermodel of all time; she is among the most successful models in the world. She has been featured in major magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. Gisele has been the face of prominent luxury brand campaigns, including Versace, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. Giselle is also an environmental activist and philanthropist.

Kendall Jenner (in photo): Kendall Jenner is the most followed model on Instagram; she is one of the most successful models of the modern age. She has been featured in campaigns for fashion brands such as Calvin Klein and Fendi. She has also been an ambassador for companies such as Proactiv and Adidas. Like her peers, she has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. And there’s

Gigi Hadid: Gigi Hadid is a rising star in the modelling world. She has been featured in campaigns for fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Maybelline. Moreover, she has been an ambassador for companies such as Reebok.

Gigi has also been featured on the covers of magazines such as Elle and Vogue; she is a successful entrepreneur. Bella Hadid-Bella Hadid is Gigi’s younger sister; she is quickly becoming one of the most successful models of the modern age. She has been featured in campaigns for fashion brands such as Bulgari and Nike; she has also been an ambassador for major companies such as Dior and Maybelline. Bella has also been featured on the covers of magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

Naomi Campbell-Naomi Campbell is one of the most iconic models of all time. She has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar adorned luxury brands such as Givenchy and Versace. Naomi is also a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. These models are some of the most successful in the world and have had a huge impact on the fashion industry.

From their iconic looks to their inspiring stories, the supermodels have made an indelible mark on the world of fashion. The supermodels have become household names and have helped shape the fashion industry as we know it today. But someone might ask: What makes these supermodels so special? How did they become some of the world’s best-known faces?

It all starts with hard work and dedication. In the competitive world of modelling, these women have perfected their craft, becoming the best in their field. From endless hours of practice to learn how to move in front of the camera, these supermodels have developed the talent and skill necessary to become the world's best-known models. In addition to hard work and dedication, supermodels have an impressive list of accomplishments to their name.

From runway shows to magazine covers, campaigns to endorsements, these beautiful women have appeared on some of the world’s biggest stages, showcasing their talent and beauty to the world. Not only have the supermodels left their mark on the industry- they have become role models for many young women in the world. These women have used their success to prove that anything is possible, no matter the odds. From becoming spokespeople for social causes to starting their own businesses, the renowned women have used their platform to make a positive impact.

Yes, the world’s best-known supermodels have left an indelible mark in fashion and modelling. These famous women have become synonymous with beauty, talent, and success through their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments.

Gems Origin Partners with Accredify

Gems Origin Partners with Accredify

Gems Origin, a private bespoke fine jeweller, today announced its partnership with Accredify, Asia Pacific's leading verification solutions provider, to adopt cutting-edge blockchain technology for the authentication of fine jewellery pieces. This pioneering move serves as an industry benchmark and a significant milestone in integrating latest technologies to bring the fine jewellery industry into the next era. Gems Origin is Singapore's bespoke jeweller that customises high quality, one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Under this partnership, each gem sold and crafted into a fine jewellery by Gems Origin will receive a certificate of authenticity which will be placed on the blockchain to ensure integrity and security. This immutable ledger will ensure that data on the certificates remained unchanged, which in turn helps customers to preserve and trace the value of their fine jewellery pieces as they pass them to their future generations.

Each time a piece of fine jewellery is made, information such as the size, type and number of gemstones used, the dimensions of the piece, accompanying certificates (eg. GIA certificate of diamonds) and picture of the final product are incorporated in the certificate. This same set of information is stored on the blockchain, allowing clients to verify the information about their pieces by simply scanning a QR code. The process is similar to how our vaccination certificates are being checked when we travel.

By making these verifiable information available on a public domain, it demonstrates the confidence Gems Origin has in every handpicked gemstone used to create bespoke jewellery. This in turn reassures its clients on the quality of gemstones used for their unique pieces.

This will also serve as the foundation for the resale market should there ever come a time when clients decide to sell their pieces. The immutable certification on blockchain will provide buyers with a peace of mind, with irrefutable certainty about the gem authenticity and quality.

The global jewellery market size was estimated to be valued at USD 249.02 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5 percent from 2022 to 2030. Coupled with a rise in high net-worth individuals (HWI) in the Asia Pacific region to approximately 7.2 million, there is a corresponding surge in demand for fine jewellery, especially bespoke pieces that serve as investments, collectibles and heirlooms.

"Superior quality gemstones are investment-worthy assets and at Gems Origin, we believe that gem collection has the potential to be even more accessible to all, both for collection and personal enjoyment. It is an unique asset class that boasts the added option of developing bespoke fine jewellery pieces which further increase their value. These high jewellery pieces last forever and is a great way for collectors to preserve their legacy and family heritage as their future generations inherit these pieces," said Gems Origin founder, Venessa Lim.

Lim added, "For aspiring and existing gem collectors, fraud is a key pain point which undermines trust between gem sellers and customers, and we strive to mitigate that by embracing new technologies such as blockchain to give customers a greater peace of mind by offering an immutable document that validates authenticity without an inch of doubt. As professional gemologists, we are able to recognise if the gemstones have been swapped or changed from what is authenticated on the certificate."

"This partnership with Accredify is a key milestone for Gems Origins as we embark on this journey of establishing verifiable certificate of authentication to safeguard customers' interests. The team at Accredify is aligned with our mission and has also demonstrated exemplary professionalism, providing valuable inputs and technology know-how to ensure success. Their proven work in Singapore's verifiable COVID-19 vaccination speaks to their high level of technical expertise and problem solving capabilities," said Gems Origin Chief Operating Officer, Alvin Lin.

"The application of verification technology to luxury goods serves as a new way for brands to assure consumers of their high-value asset's authenticity," said Quah Zheng Wei, CEO and Co-founder, Accredify. "Accredify's mission has always been to create trusted interactions between individuals and corporations, which is why we're excited to be a part of this revolutionary collaboration with Gems Origin. This unique use case is going to be the stepping stone to the application of Accredify's TrustTech in the industry, and we're excited to explore more opportunities with brands like Gems Origin to enhance brand trust amongst their consumer base."

Gems Origin is a private bespoke jeweller who crafts high quality one-of-a-kind fine jewellery pieces. Working only with natural gemstones and diamonds, every piece of Gems Origin's jewel embodies the sentimental stories of our clients. Gems Origin's guiding principle is to only craft jewels that are valuable and will appreciate over time, last forever, and for generations to keep. With a dedicated team of skilled designers and artisans, Gems Origin creates unique jewels that are a work of art.

Balena Steps Out with Biodegradable Footwear

Balena Steps Out with Biodegradable Footwear

Balena, the material science company aiming at transforming the fashion industry, today announced the debut of its eco-chic BioCir Slides, made of its proprietary, 100% biodegradable plastic – developed to help the fashion industry put an end to unsustainable amounts of plastic waste and kickstart biodegradable plastic use in shoes and other clothing. Balena's BioCir™, the first fully moldable, biodegradable elastomer, provides a viable alternative to the polluting plastic materials currently used by fashion brands for clothing and footwear.

To demonstrate the exciting potential of this unique technology, Balena has debuted its fully compostable slides for both men and women, designed and manufactured in Italy and made entirely of BioCir, by dropping the first thousand pairs in the company's hometown, Tel Aviv. These BioCir Slides – colored and scented using natural cinnamon – are already being worn by fans of fashion and comfort throughout the city, putting their feet first towards a greener future.

As part of the debut, Balena has also introduced a fully circular system – BioCycling™ – that facilitates the disposal and complete biodegradation of its BioCir slides in an industrial compost environment. Once a customer has finished using the slides, instead of tossing them into the garbage on their way to a landfill, they can instead return them to designated take-back spots throughout the city where they are collected for full biodegradation at a local industrial compost facility. This model, aimed at reducing fashion's contribution to plastic waste, can be replicated around the world.

The world's addiction to fast fashion has resulted in staggering volumes of clothing and footwear waste generated each year – an estimated 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually worldwide and just 12% of the material used for clothing is recycled. Balena is on a mission to change this by creating a fully circular model that relies on the power of composting to lower fashion's footprint on the global environment.

Balena's proprietary BioCir™ 100% compostable plastic is durable, flexible, soft, and smooth, which makes it the perfect alternative to current polluting shoe materials while allowing brands to develop footwear identical in look and feel to their current products. The biodegradable material can be treated like any other and used in regular injection molding processes as well as 3D printing, with the limitless manufacturing opportunities that these afford. It can be integrated into regular manufacturing processes with ease and replicated at scale globally, reducing a significant barrier to entry for manufacturers. Balena's groundbreaking slides are the ultimate proof-of-concept demonstrating the durability, utility, and comfort of BioCirTM.

"The global fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters. At Balena, our goal is to help turn this around," said David Roubach, Founder and CEO of Balena. "We're doing this by creating our own viable biodegradable plastic alternatives and fully circular systems that can be easily scaled, and copied and pasted across the globe. We hope our BioCir footwear shows the world that there is a real alternative: Fashion can be fabulous, functional and Earth-friendly. We're proud to be the company opening the door for any fashion brand to start stepping into a more circular future." 

Balena is a material science company on a mission to create a sustainable future with its propriety fully biodegradable thermoplastic material and cutting-edge circular model to solve the "end of life" problem for brands. Setting the standard for compostable and biodegradable plastics, Balena has created the first durable, flexible, and comfortable alternative to plastics in fashion. Founded in 2020 with offices in Tel Aviv and Milan, Balena is dedicated to setting the bar for future development of biodegradable plastics.

Oh Timeless Dreadlocks Rock

Oh Timeless Dreadlocks Rock

Dreadlocks are a type of hairstyle that has been around for centuries. This hairstyle is commonly associated with people of African descent. However, dreadlocks are worn by people of other cultures as well. Men and women can wear this hairstyle. Unsurprisingly, many celebrities wear dreadlocks in daily life. Some of these are actors, musicians, and athletes.

Examples of these celebrities include Lenny Kravitz, Usher, and Boi-1da. Dreadlocks are often seen as a symbol of strength and power; these celebrities exude that through their work and style. So, are you looking for a new hairstyle? Why not try dreadlocks? But first, are dreadlocks for you?

Since dreadlocks have been worn by celebrities for decades, they continue to be popular with many people. Celebrities who wear dreadlocks include Bob Marley and Alicia Keys. These people have virtually made dreadlocks their own; they've helped popularize the style. Significantly, dreadlocks are associated with the Rastafarian movement, which Bob Marley was a part of.

Even though Bob Marley helped spread the message of Rastafarianism through his music, his dreadlocks were a big part of his public image; many identify dreadlocks as Bob Marley's trademark symbol. Lenny Kravitz is another celebrity who has made dreadlocks his own. Kravitz is known for his unique style, and his dreadlocks are often seen as a part of that. That isn't all; Alicia Keys is also known for her natural style; her dreadlocks are often seen as a part of that, her trademark.

Yes, there are many advantages to wearing dreadlocks. They're a great way to express reveal individuality and creativity. Additionally, dreadlocks can be a great way to protect the hair from damage. They help keep your hair healthy and hydrated. There are other advantages as well-dreadlocks are a unique, eye-catching hairstyle. They can help you stand out and make a peculiar statement. Also, they are relatively low-maintenance. Once installed, you don't have to do much; they're cared for.

Dreadlocks are versatile; you can wear them in several different styles, including long and loose, short and tidy. Because they are not chemically treated or styled with heat, they are not likely to cause damage to the hair. And-sure- they're a great way to show your individuality. Dreadlocks are a personal style choice; they can help you express yourself uniquely; people have worn them for centuries. They are a form of self-expression that help communicate a person's identity. Additionally, dreadlocks can help your hair grow stronger.

So, are dreadlocks for everyone? If you're considering dreadlocks, it's essential to understand that they require commitment and care. You need to shampoo and condition your dreadlocks regularly; you must be careful not to damage them when you're brushing or combing your hair. Dreadlocks may not be suitable for everyone- if you're thinking about getting dreadlocks, be ready to care for and maintain them. With proper care, your dreadlocks can last for years. Dreadlocks require time and patience to maintain. You need to dedicate yourself to regular washing, drying, and re-twisting your locks to keep them looking neat.

There's no denying that dreadlocks have become popular in recent years. Here's a look at a few pros and cons of dreadlocks to help you decide if they're right for you: First, on the plus side, dreadlocks are a great way to express your individuality. They're relatively low-maintenance, and if you care for them, they can last. But there are specific downsides: Dreadlocks can be uncomfortable in hot weather; they require special care when swimming. They can be difficult to style and may not be suitable for everyone's hair type. Dreadlocks require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent them from looking messy.

So, are dreadlocks right for you? Only you can decide. But the style may be worth considering if you're looking for a unique hairstyle that requires some effort to manage. Overall, dreadlocks are a unique way to wear your hair, but they're not for everyone. However, if you're willing to put in the effort required to care for them, dreadlocks may be suitable for you. Ultimately, it's up to each person to consider whether they can do with or without these stylish hairstyles that serve as a trademark for many.